Molly Way



Originally from Memphis, TN, Molly Way moved to New York City to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has appeared on stage in THE CRUCIBLE as "Abigail" Williams (Dir. by Dr. Roxana Stewart), MONEY as "Carolyn Bryant" (Dir. by Gary Gabriel), and in SCENES FROM THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY with the Sundog Theatre Company. 

Molly has also also appeared in the short films TOGETHER as Natalie (Dir. by Daniela Valdivieso), and SHAMPOO AND DEATH as "Cecily" (Dir. by Harley DiNardo). 

Astrid Ovalles



Astrid Ovalles is a film actor, filmmaker, and visual artist in New York City. She is an alumni of the T. Schreiber Studio & Theater and Straeon Filmworks with Jock McDonald. Some of her recent work, both as actor and filmmaker, include "Bobbie" in the upcoming feature film ROAD OF BYGONES (to be released in 2018) and "Joan Caceres" in the Short Film CREATURE OF LONELINESS. 

Astrid made an appearance in the pilot THE WINO CROSSING (Dir. Thomas DeGrezia) and in the feature film YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL (Dir. Lauren B. Martin).

She can be seen wandering around indie film sets collaborating with other fellow storytellers and artists. 

stacee mandeville



Stacee Mandeville was clasically trained in theatre at NYC/TSOA. Stacee wears many hats and is an actor, director, teaching artist, print model, jazz vocalist and entrepreneur. Presently, Stacee is playing the role of "Jeanette" in THE GLORY OF LIVING by Rebecca Gilman. Recently, she played "Agent Smith" in the multiple-award winning 48-hour Film Project piece ONCE A LOSER, and the role of "Kelly" in the independent TV pilot THE SPIRIT SEEKER. As a teaching artist, Stacee works with multiple programs in NYC. She teaches children’s theater and ballroom dance and she has been a corporate coach in public speaking, executive presece, and accent reduction globally, for over 13 years. She has started her own company in this endeavor called Red Leaf Coaching.

spencery rhys huges



Spencer was born in Rochester, NY which is an awesome place in the Barbarian North.  Leaving his native land behind, he voyaged to New York City to build a resume in the professional acting world. In his spare time, he enjoys ravaging the countryside, working out, and writing.  On top of being a full-time superhero and actor he is also a part-time personal trainer, for those of you out there with an interest in developing superhuman strength.