“Our mission is to tell the stories that we crave to see. Stories that give people a space to feel the struggles and successes of what it means to be human. We want our audience to be passionately invested in our characters and their journeys. To showcase the reality and diversity of humanity through film. We strive to use the different genres of art within the motion-picture spectrum in creative and innovative ways, and we hope to collaborate with all kinds of artists and creative types to produce beautiful motion pictures.”

Recluse Films



Oriana Oppice

Oriana Oppice is the Co-Director for Camp Belvidere. She is the magic and motivator behind the scenes that brings our characters to life. Oriana is an award-winning director, actor, and producer. She was born in Sicily and grew up in Chicago. Beginning her career in Los Angeles, she has appeared in numerous television shows, including House of Cards and Person of Interest, and is constantly involved in the independent film circuit. She is a detail-oriented director and producer, and leverages her experience in analysis and communication throughout her work. Oriana holds a bachelors from McGill University in International Relations and a masters from the University of Chicago in International Law. For more information or to contact Oriana Oppice visit her website or find her on her Facebook page.


Astrid Ovalles

Astrid Ovalles founded Recluse Films because she believed that women’s stories were often left untold or were a misrepresentation of their lives. She has been training as an actor since childhood, and since her beginnings as a filmmaker has been working to expand her knowledge of the arts involved in the filmmaking. Astrid believes that a film can be much more than entertainment, she believes a film can touch a human being so deeply that the moment in front of the screen becomes a part of the viewer’s story. She is a writer, producer, director, actor, painter, and colorist who has dedicated her life to filmmaking and storytelling.

You can view photo galleries and learn more about Astrid on her website www.astridovallesofficial.com.



Victor Tadashi Suarez is a freelance director of photography specializing in the latest in digital 4K and raw cinematography. Columbia University educated, he has shot for Biolage, Hennessy, MTV, Orange, Matrix, and Samsung. His narrative work has won recognition in festivals all over the world, including Berlin, Moscow, and New York International Film Festival. Owner of a complete Canon C300 package. DP NYC. For more information or to contact Victor Suarez visit tadashi.tv.